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We offer the construction and restoration of wharfs, marine docks and navigational channels.


The bulkheads that normally require restoration due to the necessity to deepen its dredging line will make room for larger ships or due to the deterioration suffered during its useful life.


The inadequate closure design can result in a lateral deformation or failure stability for which we have a wide variety of solutions for improving wharf load capacity and for increasing the draught, as well as maintaining slope stability, improving esthetics and prolonging the useful life of structures.   

Besides the construction of piers, we offer maritime engineering services for:


  • Master plans.

  • Numerical and physical modeling.

  • Oceanographic studies.

  • Transportation analysis of sediments and beach erosion.

  • Regeneration and stabilization of beaches.

  • Environmental impact studies.

  • Projects and counseling regarding dredging, recuperation and beach nutrition.

  • Planning coastal management.

  • Evaluation of the risk regarding rising sea levels.


  • Legislation revisions for guaranteeing fulfillment of standards.

  • Determining the scope, consultation and constant connection with authorities.

  • Evaluation of the environmental impact (MIA).

  • Modeling for new developments.

  • Evaluation of flood risk.

  • Evaluation of the dredging impact and elimination in adjoining coastal áreas  and in marine and coastal habitats.

  • Develop, specify and manage plans for monitoring and mitigating  according to the regulatory environment.

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